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Houseplant Subscription.

"A Beautiful Plant Is Like Having A Friend Around The House."

- Beth Ditto -

"Plants Give Us Oxygen For The Lungs And For The Soul."

- Terri Guillemets -

"Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope."

- Lady Bird Johnson -


Crave surprise and variety in your plant collection?

Mystery Houseplants

Our Mystery Box is the ultimate choice for the adventurous at heart. Each month, receive a surprise selection of unique plants, adding an element of excitement and diversity to your green space.

New to plant parenting or often busy?

Easy Care Houseplants

Opt for our Easy Care Box. Specially curated with low-maintenance plants that thrive with minimal care, it's perfect for beginners or those with a busy lifestyle. Effortless green beauty at its best!

Worried about plants being harmful to your furry friends?

Pet Friendly Houseplant Box

Our Pet-Friendly Box features a selection of non-toxic plants, ensuring the safety and well-being of your beloved pets. Enjoy peace of mind with these pet-safe varieties.

Looking for something exclusive and luxurious?

Premium Houseplant Box

The Premium Houseplants Box offers a range of exotic and rare plants for the discerning collector. Elevate your space with these sophisticated and unique selections.

Seeking a lush, pet-safe indoor oasis?

Pet Safe Paradise Box

The Pet-Safe Paradise Box is your answer. Filled with beautiful, non-toxic plants, it creates a safe and stunning green paradise for both you and your pets to enjoy.