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Welcome to PetalPursuits.com! 🌿🌸 While our online haven took root in 2023, the green dream began in 2019 on a cozy greenhouse, and a little farm named Benevy Farms. That's where we first planted the seeds of our love for gardening.

In just a year, PetalPursuits.com has blossomed into an online store bursting with all things plants! 🌼 But we're not just about products; we're about sharing our passion for growing things.

PetalPursuits.com isn't just an online store; it's like a friend on our gardening journey. From the beginning until now, this store has been with us, nurturing our love for greenery.

So, when you explore PetalPursuits.com, you're not just shopping; you're diving into our plant story. Each leaf and bloom speaks of our love for a greener world. Join us in this green adventure, where PetalPursuits.com is more than a store; it's a growing tale of nature love and the joy of making things grow.

From Farm with Love


Locally Sourced

Discover the heart of our commitment as we proudly source our plants locally through dedicated partnerships with small farmers. By collaborating closely with these farmers, we ensure the highest quality and support sustainable practices that resonate with our values.

Greenhouse Excellence

Explore the bounty nurtured in our three main greenhouses strategically located in California, Florida, and Kansas. These thriving hubs serve as the backbone of our diverse plant offerings, embodying the essence of quality, care, and a genuine love for fostering green life.

We source Locally

We obtain our plants exclusively from local farmers across the United States.


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Plant of the Month Club

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Embarking on a Green Journey:
Our Commitment to Sustainability

A promise to nurture the earth in preparation of a greener tomorrow 🌍🌿.

For PetalPursuits.com, our passion for plants goes beyond the beauty. We are rooted in an aim of nurturing a sustainable and environment-conscious future, which is our essential philosophy.

Eco-Conscious Sourcing: Responsible sourcing is something we totally believe in. Our plants and products come from suppliers who are also eco-friendly and use sustainable techniques just like us.

Get Rid of Plastic Trash: We do not only want our plant deliveries to be beautiful but also environmentally friendly. We use compostable and recyclable packaging materials whenever possible to reduce our ecological footprint while supporting sustainability.

Towards Carbon Neutrality: Our aim is to ensure that we achieve carbon neutral operations. We reduce carbon emissions at every stage of our shipping process, from the digital store front down to your doorstep through eco-friendly transport means.

Educational Outreach: PetalPursuits.com is more than just another plant store; it is part of the green movement. The purpose is creating awareness about sustainability and nourishing green spaces. Our strategy involves informative teaching materials and local engagement activities.

Tree Planting Initiatives: Every purchase you make contributes towards planting trees hence we reiterate the commitment for healthier earth and greener planet for generations to come. Let’s join hands to create a more sustainable world that will thrive. 

Petalpursuits.com doesn’t just plant, they sow seeds that will lead to a brighter greener future one leaf at a time. 🌱💚