Stylish and low-maintenance, succulent terrariums have increasingly become the epitome of indoor decoration that combines nature with creativity at the very center of your abode. We will be exploring the art of creating your own miniature gardens through DIY succulent terrariums in this step-by-step guide. These terrariums are not only visually appealing but they also provide hands-on experiences to express your own style and nurture living greenery in a small space.

Whether you are experienced with succulents or a beginner on a journey of creativity, follow us in the world of succulent terrariums giving tips, insights and inspirations.

What You Will Need

1. Container:

Making an excellent succulent terrarium starts by picking a suitable container. Choose glass containers for visibility into their different layers and textures inside. According to availability of space or personal taste you can go for variations in shapes and sizes including fish bowls or geometric terrariums. Make sure that there are water drainage holes on it or else cover the bottom with something like pebbles to avoid excess water.

2. Succulents:

In a thriving succulent terrarium it is important to choose the right mix of succulents. You need some variety that gives a beautiful visual effect when put together hence mix them up. Go for those contrasting colors, sizes, and textures if possible. Some common choices include Echeverias, Sedums, Aloe Vera among others which are popularly used as succulents within such tiny planters though it’s important to ensure that they share similar sun light and watering requirements.

3. Soil and Substrate:

Succulents do well in soils that drain well therefore consider this aspect when deciding on soil type for planting them. To achieve this use specialized cactus/succulent mixes or create your potting soil by adding coarse sand or perlite depending on your preference.. Start by putting some soil at the bottom of your container, it shouldn’t be too much to allow roots grow well and avoid water logging.

4. Decorative Elements:

You can spice up your succulent terrarium using decorative elements. These may include small stones or pebbles, colored sand or preserved moss which adds texture and visual interest. You might think of incorporating miniature figures in there or even decorating boulders for personalization purposes. In short, just create a tiny world inside the glass that reflects your style and creativity.


First, make sure your glass container is clean. This makes it easier to see through the layers and makes the whole thing look better. If it does not have holes for drainage, put some small rocks or pebbles at the bottom to allow water to drain out instead of accumulating.


Put a good layer of well-draining succulent soil at the base of the container. Give enough space for succulent roots growth as you place them comfortably on this already done soil mix in case you feel creative then add a thin layer of colored sand or small decorative rocks in between.


Make sure that you gently remove them from their pots while keeping their root system intact, after all they are delicate plants. Arrange these plants as nicely as possible into the soil with attention to heights as well as colors’ differences if possible so that we get an attractive arrangement here; use a small tool even fingers can do it dig holes for them before gently packing soil around after inserting each one.


The originality in this thing is so amazing. Add things like pebbles, little rocks or preserved moss to put around the succulents. Have paths that resemble a natural habitat or clusters. Get creative with it – maybe a terrarium that looks like a beach with sand and shells or something desert-like but with rocks and mini cacti. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and let your imagination flow.

5. Watering and Maintenance:

After finishing construction of your succulent terrarium masterpiece, it’s time to water it. Sprinkle water on the soil lightly using a sprayer but do not overflow as it might cause over watering. Succulent plants prefer drier conditions therefore allow the soil to dry out between each watering session. Put the terrarium in a place where there is bright indirect light since succulents do well in brightly lit areas. Check up on your creation regularly adjusting when necessary as you watch your garden’s beauty unfold.

Tips and Tricks

1. Choosing the Right Container:

When choosing any container, you should make sure it reflects your personality as well as contribute to the overall look you want to achieve. Find containers that are made of glass as they are see through thus creating another aspect of beauty by seeing through them, layers within layers. Try containers with different shapes and geometric designs for more interest.

2.Succulent Combinations

Try different combinations of succulents in order to create an attention-grabbing yet harmonious arrangement inside your terrariums. Playing with colors, sizes and textures can add depth into your terrariums e.g., use rosette shaped Echeverias together with trailing Sedums for perfectly balanced and visually appealing arrangements.

3.Lighting Requirements:

Succulent plants do well under bright indirect light situations; as such, placing your terrarium somewhere where plenty of natural light will not be blocked by direct sunlight for long durations at a time. You may want to consider placing it near a window where filtered sunlight will ensure your succulents are healthy and vibrant.

Inspiration Gallery

Enter the fascinating world of succulent terrariums! We introduce you to a feast of visuals that would inspire your creativity and light a fire inside you for crafting miniature gardens in glass. These pictures are just a few samples among thousands that show how much variety is possible in making terrariums with succulent plants. They all display the personality of their creators.

Beach-Themed Elegance

Contemplate this idea: a terrarium filled with fine sand, seashells and carefully picked moisture-loving plants immediately takes your mind to the coastlines.

Desert Oasis Delight

You can close your eyes right now and see yourself sitting in front of such beauty, as depicted on the image below – sand, rocks, and tiny cacti in glass jars look like parts of an arid landscape. The whole scene looks like one from a desert with muted colors and spiky textures on the ground.

Whimsical Wonderland

Go for vibrant colors, figurines, and fairy tale-like setting when arranging succulents in your fairy-tale-like garden terrariums. Think up something crazy here in this little magical box.

Minimalist Zen

Develop calmness within simplicity by designing minimalist looking terrariums. To create an elegant yet peaceful environment use clean lines, monochromatic color schemes and strategically placed succulents.

Hanging Garden Marvel

Up your terrarium game with these hanging displays. Use glass orbs or geometric containers to hang them at different heights to add visual appeal making your succulent garden look like an aerial masterpiece.

Urban Jungle Chic

Give your urban space an exotic touch by mixing various types of succulents with some tropical decorations. Add some small ferns and moss if you’re missing greenery around you.

Share Your Creation!

Have you started your succulent terrarium journey yet? Let us see what you have come up with! Share your photographs on social media, use the hash tag #PetalPursuits and become part of our succulent community. Your unique designs may just motivate others to start their own creative adventure.

Congratulations on taking this path full of delights of developing your own succulent terrariums! As we wrap up this guide step by step, it is our wish that one has found inspiration in it and also gained courage to design miniature gardens that mirror their individual style and love for succulents.

Succulent terrariums provide an interesting visual addition to living areas as well as a hands-on, creative way of relating with nature at a diminished scale. As you nurture your tiny ecosystem, you will see how beautiful the succulents are thriving in harmony in the glass walls of the terrarium.

Always remember that there is no limit to what can be done when creating a succulent terrarium. Whether it is a beach themed grace or a desert oasis joy or even a fantasy world, the bottom line is have fun during process and let your creativity blossom.

You can share with our community some pictures of your own creations that would include succulent terrariums! Social media has joined us through the hashtag PetalPursuits. By having unique designs coupled with insightful comments on fellow succulent lovers, we can create an environment where people tap into their creative minds while appreciating various aspects of nature.

Thanks for coming along with us throughout this adventure filled with succulents. May these terrariums bring happiness, peace and some touch from mother earth into your everyday life.

Enjoy yourself making those lovely little gardens for your small plants!