Tropical houseplants, cacti, and ferns add a natural touch to our interior spaces. With the changing seasons, so are their requirements. This guide offers suggestions on how to care for these three species throughout the seasons.

Seasonal Care for Tropical Houseplants

Spring: Rejuvenation and Expansion

Lighting: Gradually move your tropical houseplants towards brighter places as the daylight increases.

Fertilizing: Commence administering balanced fertilizers for new growth.

Repotting: check whether repotting is necessary when roots overgrow their current container.

Summer: Moistening and Energy

Watering: The water frequency should be increased in order to keep soil perpetually wet.

Humidity: Extra humidity can be introduced by means of misting or by using humid trays.

Trimming: Prune and shape in order to acquire bushier growth.

Fall: Transition and Preparation

Light Changes: Relocate plants from drafty windows as day light decreases.

Reduced Fertilization: Take fertilizer down bit by bit as it slows down with growth.

Pest Check – Before winter, examine plants for pests they might have caught during the last season.

Winter: Rest and Moderation

Watering Reduction: Between watering allow soil become slightly dry.

Temperature Awareness – Avoid drafts and sudden temperature drops.

Minimal Fertilization = Avoid feeding them or you may use less fertilizers when they are resting dormant period .

Seasonal Care for Succulents

Springtime– Waking Up to Sunshine

Gradual Sun Exposure = Slowly expose succulents to more sun light each time until they are completely exposed to it all day long .

Watering – Start regular watering but avoid water logged soil at all costs.

Inspect for Pests = Check out aphids or such-like bugs that may start appearing at this stage .

Summer Time– Basking Underneath The Sun

Sun Protection – Shield from intense mid-day sun to avoid sun burns.

Regular Watering: Keep watering at regular intervals according to the temperature rise.

Propagation – Summer is excellent for succulent propagation.

Fall = Preparing for Dormancy

Reduced Watering – Start reducing their watering frequency as the weather becomes cooler.

Protect from Frost; Guard against early frost by putting them inside when it starts being colder.

Last Propagation – Finish up any last minute propagation before winter begins.

Winter Period

Limited Watering- Stay sparingly on water so that the soil can be completely dry out .

Indoor Placement . Keep the well-lit indoor succulents in a cold area with no drafts around them…

Minimal Disturbance – While they are sleeping, avoid repotting or major changes …

Seasonal Care for Ferns

Spring: Waking Up from Sleep Mode

Increased Watering= Increase water gradually after this plant wakes up from dormancy period .

Fertilization – start applying balanced fertilizer regularly in order to support new growth of your ferns..

Humidity Boost ~ This way you will give it an extra humid environment which will help its fronds become lush and green.