Oh how thrilling it is for a succulent enthusiast to add a rare and exotic variety to their collection. They are known for being easy to care for, having diverse form and being very beautiful at the same time. The write-up below takes us into the world of uncommon succulents and profiles five unique types that are recognized as the most unusual and beautiful among the rest. These succulents are not only visually pleasant but also exhibit the vastness and variety of nature.

Echeveria ‘Lola’: Revered for its dainty, rose-like structure, this Echeveria ‘Lola’ is a must-have for any serious collector. Its pale purple color and translucent blush make it look wonderful in any plant collection.

Haworthia Cooperi: It is a fascinating kind of transparent succulent with bubbly leaves. It has an exceptional appearance which makes it one of the most sought-after by collectors.

Aloe ‘Snowstorm’: A plant with conspicuous patterning, Aloe ‘Snowstorm’ has deep green leaves densely covered in white variegation. The combination between lightness and infrequency gives people a sense of pride when they own such plants.

Crassula Umbella: This rare type is often described as “Wine Cup” having an open glass shape. What is most interesting about it though, is the way that it grows from green to red within its oddly shaped leaves.

Dudleya Brittonii: This species, also known as “Giant Chalk Dudleya,” with huge rosettes of silver colored leaves is both scarce and sophisticated enough for any succulent garden.

Despite these extraordinary finds being harder to come by than the more common ones, they still demand little or no effort to take care of them properly. They thrive in well-drained soil that receives minimal waterings now and then throughout the year. Remember that keeping your succulents alive means providing them with arid conditions like the ones in their homeland.

By incorporating these rare varieties into your collection, you not only enrich the diversity of your display but also embark on a more adventurous succulent journey. Each plant has its own story and adds something unique to your budding arsenal.