Houseplants in homes and offices are not just ornaments, but instead they are natural allies that help us maintain good physical and mental health. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) cites other studies which confirm that indoor plants have several advantages. This is because houseplants play a critical role in enhancing the quality of life through boosting productivity and mental health.

Psychological Benefits

The psychological effects of houseplants can be profound. Studies have shown that plants in homes can lead to:

Better Mood: Just mere presence of greenness around a person can make somebody happier and brighter.

Reduced Stress Levels: Houseplants have a soothing effect, helping to decrease anxiety and stress levels.

Improved Productivity: Plants in offices can enable workers to concentrate more on their work or create new ways of thinking thus boosting productivity.

Faster Reaction Times: Interacting with plants has been found to improve cognitive performance resulting in shorter reaction times.

Enhanced Attention Span: According to some researchers, plants inside homes may aid concentration though this is not universally agreed upon.

Increased Pain Tolerance: Some patients reported reduced pain following surgery when there were houseplants placed in their rooms, particularly within hospital settings.

Physical Health Benefits

Indoor plants are beneficial for our physical well-being as they also affect the mind:

Lower Blood Pressure: The calming nature of plants can contribute to lower blood pressure.

Reduced Fatigue and Headaches: Researchers observed 20-25% reduction in these symptoms.

Less Postoperative Pain: Pain medication used by patients recovering from surgery was lessened if their rooms had foliage, establishing the role of plants as therapy agents in healthcare facilities.

Indoor Air Quality and Plants

Nowadays, indoor air quality is becoming an increasing concern due to the presence of indoor p

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