While the beauty of decorative plants is obvious, studies have shown that they can affect our moods and productivity in more substantial ways. This post explains how these green friends we keep at home or in our offices are more than just for show.

The Psychological Importance of Greenery, a research by University of Technology Sydney showed a drastic drop in stress among employees after bringing plants into their working spaces. Specifically, participants’ responses indicated 37% less tension and anxiety, 58% lower depression or dejection, 44% decline in anger or hostility and 38% reduction in fatigue.

Nature and Concentration: A summary by the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that even a small plant on your desk increases attention span. Thus having vegetation around office rooms significantly help employees concentrate better on their work improving task performance.

Tips for Integrating Plants:

Use Low-Maintenance Species: Choose species such as snake plants or ZZ plants that require little maintenance time.

Create Interesting Displays: Mix plants with different heights and leaf shapes to make your space beautiful.

Strategic Positioning: Place them where they do not obstruct your view so you may feel more natural during day time hours.

Mindfulness through Routine Plant Care: Taking care of plants can be seen as meditative practice. Watering, pruning and nurturing them allows us to disconnect from technology and focus on something that is living a growing thing.

Plants as Creative Stimuli: Also plants can encourage creativity. Plants and flowers in office increase the likelihood of creative problem solving according to a study conducted at Texas A&M University which suggests that this is because they calm down and reduce stress levels.

Using houseplants every day goes beyond improving appearance alone. They subtly yet considerably improve mental health as well as enhance productivity levels. These organisms eventually tend us back by making our environment more tranquilizing while motivating us daily through taking care of them.


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